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Idea: Every product starts with an idea. Perhaps you already have the beginnings of an idea but you are still thinking about the next steps. Together with the account manager, you then decide what specifications the product may have and whether, for example, there are certain ingredients that must not be included.

Formulation: Once the idea has taken shape, we check its feasibility with the lab technician specializing in your field. This will result in a finished sample that can be used for the further phases.

Labels: Through our account manager, you can obtain all the information you need to compose the label in the right way, with the correct regulations, etc.

Testing: After we have made the finished sample, we can start testing your aerosol can on all the requirements you want. Through our years of cooperation with fixed partners, we at Ghiant aerosols have a minimal margin of error because we always work with the same parts.

Production: After testing and when we have received and approved the proof we can start producing your products on one of our high-tech automated production lines.

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