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The European market is one of the first to regulate and endorse the use of recycled raw materials.


Steelplate recycling

Our steelplate spraycans consist of +/- 25% recycled material. This cannot be increased as otherwise safety cannot be guaranteed as the containers are under pressure.

Aluminium recycling

Our aluminium spray cans are made of 100% recycled aluminium.

Recycled cardboard
Recycling of a finished plate steel aerosol can
Recycling of a finished aluminum aerosol can


Renewable energy

Ghiant was one of the first companies in our industry to cover its entire production department with solar panels in order to achieve the most renewable energy policy possible.

Alternative energie

Due to European legislation, our suppliers are making much greater use of alternative energy.

Efficient mobility

Work life balance

Our employees work 4 days a week on a full-time salary, improving the work life balance and reducing the number of trips to work each week.


Due to our location in central Europe and buying of raw material locally we optimize our carbon footprint

Environmentally conscious

Rapid changes in legislation

Because label legislation is constantly changing, GHIANT has an arsenal of ways to make it as efficient and easy as possible to change labels without losses.

Cradle to Cradle waste policy

We work together with different partners to optimize recycling AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. we sort everything through the VLAREMA regulation.

Innovating products

Ghiant decided to innovate in sustainability early on by bringing the water-based h2o lines. This means we changed some of our formulas from solvent-based to water-based without losing the highest standard in quality.

Read more here about our sustainability.

Water based

H2O Textile colors

Special water-based aerosols which is used to make clothing into an artwork.

H2O varnishes

Special water-based varnish made for protecting your artwork in an environmentally way.

H2O colors

Water-based paint spray used for all kinds of surfaces.

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